As servants of Christ we must forgive because we have been forgiven. 

1. God’s Forgiveness is Extravagant and Knows No Bounds – In the parable, the first servant owed what he could not pay. What was the master’s response? Mercy motivated by compassion. The king forgave the debt and set him free, and this is what God has done for you and me. We owe a sin-debt that we have no capacity to pay.

2. God’s Forgiveness is Based on His Mercy, not our Ability to Earn it – The servant came to his king with nothing to offer. All he had was an immense amount of debt. The king would have been justified in taking action against his servant to have the debt paid, but the king forgave him. God’s forgiveness is based upon His own love for you and mercy toward you.

3. Because God’s Forgiveness is Limitless, a True Follower Always Forgives – How easily we forget the mercy we have been shown when we are expected to show mercy. This is what it means to be human. We are naturally vengeful and selfish. But as a servant of the king, we are expected to be different. We are expected to show forgiveness as we have been forgiven. 

4. The Choice of Forgiveness is Yours – As a Follower of Christ, there is only one choice to make: forgive. Release yourself from the burden of holding in the hate and contempt. You will be the only one to be hurt if you do not forgive. Turn to Christ and forgive. Take the first step today.