When is the last time you meditated on the fact that the Creator of the universe speaks to us? If our Creator speaks, we should listen to Him.

There are only two responses when God speaks: obedience or rebellion. Jonah rebelled. He was fearful of his enemies and had a difficult time understanding why God cared for the Ninevites.

Just like God has spoken to Jonah, he has spoken to us. Are you going to obey or rebel when He speaks?

It is our job to obey, even when we do not understand all the reasons why God is doing what He is doing. Jonah had a difficult time with the Ninevites, however, the question is: who are your Ninevites? Maybe that person or group of people that you don’t understand the way they live.

Pray that God will soften your heart towards our perceived enemies, remembering always that the enemy of our souls is not them, but Satan.