God’s Anointed King – Want What God Wants – 1 Samuel 16

Shepherd King – Week 1 of 5

In 1 Samuel 16, David is anointed by Samuel as the new king of Israel. This unexpected selection sets in motion a life of incredible ups and downs in the life of David. 

The story of David unfolds the way it does and is recorded in so much Biblical text because of David’s connection to Jesus. 

In this series, we will examine the life of David and learn what God has for us from His story, but also we will look at each passage in the larger meta-narrative of Scripture and see how it connects to Jesus. 

The things of the heart that God sees might be overlooked by the world but God sees them.  He sees you.  Know today that God takes the humble, overlooked, and forgotten things of this world and turns them into something beautiful for His Glory.