The Gospel transformed Paul completely and we should let it do the same to us. So let the Gospel bring you from death to life in salvation. 

1. The first type of transformation Paul experienced was a transformation from life to death. Paul elaborates on this Gospel transformation by showing what he looked like as a dead man. He was a persecutor and destroyer of the church beyond measure. It was Paul who stood there and watched other Jewish leaders as they stoned Stephen to death for sharing the truth of Christ from the Old Testament. No man could influence him or sway him, which leads us to Paul’s transformation in v. 15-16. God, sovereignly set him apart from birth, had grace on him, and revealed Christ to him. God saved Paul. This is the first and most important transformation everyone listening needs to make. If you have not yet to surrender to Jesus Christ as Savior, realize that the sin you are in makes you dead. But God can bring you to life through faith in Christ who died to pay the penalty you deserve for the sin you have lived in. Come to Christ today! 

2. Secondly, let the Gospel be your purpose. Jesus saved Paul, but the salvation had a greater purpose and calling beyond himself. His calling might be a lighting fast mention but it takes Paul on a lifelong and oftentimes difficult and dangerous journey. Paul knew that his calling was to preach the Gospel. He had a secondary and specific calling to the gentiles, but it was not like Paul waited till he found gentiles before he started sharing the Gospel. This gave Paul purpose his whole life long even when he was not specifically with gentiles. You might have a secondary calling, but that can’t supersede your first call. Paul was an apostle and missionary, but the Great Commission held first priority. Choose today to obey the Great Commission as you go and make disciples. Get involved in a small group and make yourself accountable to a few Christian friends. This is our calling. So go, preach the Gospel and make disciples.