1. Understand Your Need for God’s Word
A. Peter gives three qualities to the Word of God:
– It’s Imperishable – He quotes Isaiah 40:6-8
– It’s Good News – He quotes Psalm 34:8
– It’s Alive – Jesus is the Word!

2. Build Your Life on God’s Word
A. The cornerstone is the most important part of any building!
– Jesus has to be our foundation.
B. Peter again quotes Isaiah and Psalms to support his argument.
– Peter was following Christ’s example of quoting Scripture.
– Of the 1800 verses that record Jesus, words, 180 are quotes from the Bible!
C. The only way we can build our lives on God’s Word is to know it and obey it!

3. Share God’s Word
A. Peter again uses language from Scripture to remind the church who we are and what we are called to do.
– Understanding our identity should lead us to activity.
– As we grow in God’s Word, we invite others through God’s mercy into his marvelous light.