He is Greater | Dr. Zach Crook
John 3:22-30

1. God is Sovereign
A. John the Baptist was the last prophet and really a celebrity to the Jewish people
1. He humbled himself and pointed others to Jesus
B. John knew that any success he had was a gift from God
C. Understanding God’s sovereignty leads us to embrace humility

2. I am Not the Christ

A. The world doesn’t revolve around us
B. Like John’s admission, we need to understand who the real hero of our story, and every story, is…
a. Jesus is the bridegroom!
C. We need to embrace our role as the “shosben”

3. Jesus Must Increase

A. True Joy is found when we embrace our role in God’s story
B. We see Jesus increase in our lives when we focus on him and live for his glory!
C. Wherever God takes you next, let John 3:30 be your life’s mantra!
1. Live for the gospel instead of your own selfish gain!