We have all made massive mistakes, but how we handle those mistakes determines our character in the situation and the outcome for the future.

2 Samuel 11 ends by telling that what David did with Uriah and Bathsheba was evil in the sight of the LORD. God was unaware of what David was doing. God is no passive observer. Instead, in 2 Samuel 12, we see God, as an act of mercy, sending Nathan the prophet to David to call out his sin. It was an act of mercy because if God did not pursue David concerning his sin, who knows how long David would have lived in the misery of unconfessed sin. The story would be very bleak and hopeless. Perhaps is that your story? Are you living an unconfessed sin? 

God sent Nathan and he chose to tell the king a story. At the end of the story, King David is all fired up at the point of declaring death to the person in the story. So Nathan drops a truth bomb on him and says, YOU ARE THE MAN!

Whoever you are, wherever you are today, take responsibility for your sin. Confess your sin to God and the people you’ve hurt. So you can be forgiven, restored, and finally live in freedom!