1. Submit as a Witness
A. Peter gives us two reasons why we submit:
– These are institutions ordained by God.
– Our humble submission and civic goodness help silence the foolish.
B. This doesn’t mean there isn’t room for civil disobedience, but we obey every law that we can.
– Peter was martyred for refusing to stop preaching the gospel, but most of us aren’t in that type of situation.

2. Fearing God Leads us to Honor Others
A. We honor everyone, including those in authority above us.
B. Reverence and worship are reserved for God alone!
– We should fear God, not Caesar.

3. Look to Christ’s Example
A. Jesus was the Lord who submitted to death; the master who became a servant; the rightful ruler who suffered our injustice.
– By submitting to that injustice, Christ redeemed us!
B. Like Christ, we need to have faith in God’s judgment and be willing to deal with hardship for God’s glory.