How Long? | Dr. Zach Crook
Psalm 13:1-6

1. In this Life, Pain is Real
A. David is crying out in anguish to God!
1. He feels abandoned and ignored
B. It’s ok to be honest with God…He knows what you are thinking, anyway!

2. How Will You Deal with Pain?
A. When you are in the midst of pain, where do you turn?
1. Do we turn to God, or do we try to numb the pain ourselves?
B. In order to make sure we are turning to God, we need to do a couple of things:
1. Keep a regular habit of prayer
2. Be honest in our prayers

3. The Gospel Moves us from Despair to Trust in the midst of Pain
A. David moves from lamenting to praising in the course of just 6 verses!
1. He understands that God’s love doesn’t change
2. He understands that God’s salvation is sure
B. The gospel doesn’t mean we won’t have any pain, it means that Jesus is enough, in spite of our pain
C. How long will pain last?
1. Not long, when we think of eternity’s scope!