Christ was Crucified so we could be justified. Therefore worship Him by allowing Him to live through you.

1. We are Justified by What Christ Did not by What We Do (v. 15-19) – The word “Justified” according to N.T. Scholar, NT Wright means “a declaration that somebody is in the right.” When we take Justification into the realm of faith you have the idea of being declared righteous or seen as right in the eyes of God. We receive righteousness this by faith. Therefore we are justified by faith in what Christ accomplished. Also, our behavior matters. When the Righteousness of Christ is given to you by faith you are a new creation, with a new nature inclined to obey God instead of rebel against Him. Remember, we are justified by God to live for Him, which brings us to the next point.

2. Let Christ Live Through you (v. 19-20) – These two verses are the Gospel living and paradigm shift in your Christianity. It puts the Why back in what you do. It’s the Why behind How you choose to live. We know that God requires obedience and wants us as believers to die to sin. But, like the Judaizers in Galatia, we don’t make the rules. Some of the things we die on the sword for are not even biblical mandates. Christianity is not about do’s and don’ts. Paul lives his moral life before men to honor Christ, not to earn God’s favor. In the same way, Worship God! Let Christ live through you. Be an ambassador for Him! Live morally above reproach because His sacrifice means something to you!