1. Be In the World, but not of It
A. We don’t need to withdraw from the world, nor be immersed in it
– We are like a boat, which is made to be in the water, but not have water in it!
B. Worldliness is being consumed by the moment; it’s exchanging God for his gifts
C. We live for a different Kingdom!

2. The End is Near
A. Peter reminds us of our need for Urgency
B. Do we truly believe that Christ’s return is imminent?
C. C. S. Lewis reminds us: “Aim at heaven, and you will get earth thrown in; aim at earth, and you will get neither.”

3. Have an Active Faith
A. Peter then lays out a few things that are indicative of a Christian who is on a mission:
1. Pray – alert and sober-minded
2. Love – it must be constant
3. Be Hospitable
4. Use your Gifts – Speak God’s words and serve in His strength!
B. We do it all to bring Him glory!