1. Peter’s Wisdom for Wives
A. Men and women are equal but have different roles
– Submission is never forced!
B. Don’t be defined by what you wear, but by your heart!
C. Like Sarah, be willing to walk with your husband as you follow God’s call

2. Peter’s Wisdom for Husbands
A. Seek to understand and serve your wife
B. Honor and serve her!
– Weaker? – not in terms of intelligence or capacity for leadership or wisdom
– It just means physically weaker
C. Co-heirs of grace – again showing equality

3. The Results of Living This Way
A. Peter gives us two reasons for having a Christ-centered marriage
– So our prayers won’t be hindered
– It’s a powerful way to share the gospel
B. This extends beyond just marriage – how we conduct ourselves in any relationship shows people what is inside our hearts!