No More Outsourcing | Dr. Zach Crook
Deuteronomy 6:1-9

1. Build A Relationship

A. Passing our values on to our children requires a healthy relationship
B. God’s model for teaching biblical truth to young people calls, not only for a constant
process, but for a relational model as well
C. We need both quality time and quantity time

2. Be an Example

A. We are being watched
B. The way you live matters
a. Impress, talk, tie, bind, and write – all action verbs

3. Share the Truth
A. It’s not about mezuzas and phylacteries, it’s about instilling a biblical
worldview by consistently teaching the next generation
a. Look for ways to share how the gospel impacts the real world
B. God is the source of all truth
C. God’s nature and character defines truth
a. He defines what is right for all people, for all times, and for all places