Salvation comes through Christ alone so don’t add anything to the Gospel that saves you. 

1. We can Trust Paul as His Message and Authority Come from God (v. 1-5) – This may seem like a minor point, but we need to be reminded of Paul’s authority. It’s easy to breeze through the introductory material and get to the hard hitting battles in the body of the letter. We need to understand that every word Paul penned was inspired by God. Inspiration means that the Holy Spirit led Paul to write what he wrote while still leaving his distinct human personality intact. His orders came from the top, and how we need to understand authority these days. Submitting to authority, whether it be societal, or biblical helps us to learn to obey God better. We must obey the LORD above all.

2. We Must Not Let Anything Distract from the Gospel (1:6-10) – In verse six Paul is amazed that they have so quickly turned to another Gospel. In verse seven Paul makes it clear that this is not really another Gospel because there is only one Gospel. The message they have turned to was a false Gospel and no gospel at all. The term Gospel means good news and the message these believers have been distracted by was not good news. People are always adding some type of work to the Gospel or putting some secondary issues on the same footing as the Gospel. This corrupts the message of Christ every time. We need to understand that Salvation is by God’s Grace alone, through Faith alone, and in Christ alone, as revealed in the Scriptures.