John 11:1-44 / July 9th, 2017 / Dr. Todd Gray
In the world of tragedy, there is only so much we all can do to prepare for such situations. Too many times when we hear of tragedies, we simply say to ourselves, “I couldn’t imagine going through that.” Or “I couldn’t imagine what that must be like”. While somewhat true, the reality is that we can imagine what such scenarios would be like and consider what our responses may be. This may seem morbid, but truth is those horrible things could happen to any one of us at any time…and taking the time to consider such scenarios, seek understanding and perspective now of other’s situations, could be the greatest exercise in preparation possible. However, doing so also gives us a chance to seek God’s council, commit to honoring him and using such efforts to pour into others during their time of need. Take time to find out your families fears this week and use it as an opportunity to talk about how they could look to, and rely on, God during those times.