Standing Firm | Dr. Zach Crook
1 Peter 5:1-14

1. Be an Example
A. Peter challenges leaders to set an example to others
1. Nearly all of us lead someone and are being watched
B. God gives us an incredible promise that we will receive a crown for our faithfulness

2. Trust is Key
A. One aspect of trust is the humility to submit
1. We need to embrace the fact that waiting is normal
2. We submit to God in every area of our lives and cast our cares on Him
B. A second aspect is being sober-minded and alert
1. We don’t take Satan lightly

3. Stand Firm in Hope!
A. Peter ends his letter by reminding us to embrace grace!
1. When we do, God will restore, establish, strengthen, and support us!
B. We can worship God and be encouraged no matter what we are walking
through because of the truth of the gospel!