Longing for God Until the Very End | Dr. Zach Crook

Psalm 71:1-24

1.  We have Confidence because of God’s Faithfulness

A) While David is approaching the end of his life, he is able to recount how faithful God has been for his entire life!
B) There is so much we can learn from our senior saints who have been faithful to God for decades!
B1) We need wisdom from our older generations and we should value them

2. A Hopeful Prayer

A) David knows what others are saying about him, but he is leaning into God and his prayer is full of hope!
B) If you still have breath in your lungs, God isn’t done with you!
C) We need to seek God’s strength to finish strong

3. We Will Proclaim God’s Goodness Until the End

A) God, don’t abandon me until I…
A1) Share the gospel with all of my neighbors
A2) See revival in our nation
A3) See our church plant another church
A4) Help our church send out missionaries to every continent
A5) See the debt paid off
B) Let’s proclaim God’s goodness to the next generation and to the world!