Our Fortress | Dr. Zach Crook

Psalm 46:1-11

1. God is our Refuge in Natural Troubles

A) Because we live in a broken world, creation is groaning and there will be issues
B) It’s more than that, Psalm 46 is eschatological in nature and is talking about the natural disasters that come before Christ returns to judge the world
C) Though there may be temporary issues, God has us eternally secured

2. God is our Refuge in Societal Troubles

A) The tremors don’t just affect the natural world, but all the nations of this world
B) Surrounded by chaos, the city of God will not fall
C) The help of God at “break of day” shows that He will not let his people suffer in the darkness of distress for too long

3. God will be Exalted no Matter What
A) We need to cease striving, and trust in God!
A1) Judgment is coming, but God is our fortress
B) Every struggle in this life is temporary, but God will be our eternal refuge, if we trust in Him