What Do You Crave | Dr. Zach Crook

Psalm 42:1-11

  1.  We are Thirsty
    1. We all long for something because we were made to crave
    2. When is the last time you have desperately sought God with all that you are?
      1. Without true sustenance, we realize how weak we really are
  2. It’s Ok to Lament
    1. In the midst of despair, pour out your heart to God
    2. Be honest with your feelings!
      1. Have your tears ever been your food? – v. 3
      2. Have you ever felt forgotten? – v. 9
      3. Have you ever been taunted? – v. 10
    3. Simply put, you aren’t alone in those experiences
  3. Hope will See Us Through
    1. Remember times you have experience God
      1. Adverse conditions create an optimum context for reflection
    2. In times of self-doubt, focus on God’s covenantal love
      1. Jesus is our great reminder of God’s unfailing love
        1. He’s never failed, and he won’t start now!