1. A Heart Revealed
– There is something fundamentally wrong if we don’t celebrate God giving grace to others
– Jonah wants to remake God in his own image
– God is asking Jonah two questions:
– Why are you doing this to yourself?
– Are you sure you’ve gauged this situation properly?
– Jonah was saved from the belly of a fish, but he needed to be saved from the power of sin in his life
– God’s response to Jonah’s tantrum is to comfort him

2. Jonah has Misplaced Love
– The same God who sent the plant also sent the worm and the wind
– God is basically questioning Jonah: how can he love plants more than people?
– In God’s city, the inhabitants love people and walk on gold. In man’s city, the inhabitants love gold and walk on people

3. We Must be Missional, Not Tribal
– Jonah values self-preservation; God values self-sacrifice
– Does God want us to run away or towards our perceived enemies?
– God’s capacity to forgive is greater than our capacity to sin
– If we understand the size of our sin and the size of God’s grace, it should lead us to see the size of God’s mission