We need to see Christ as He is- not in a manger, not on the cross, not in the tomb but seated on high enthroned as King of heaven. 

1- The One on the Throne (v. 1-6a) – Thrones always symbolize the power and rule of the sovereign who sits there. This Throne is over all other thrones, to show authority and reign of the One who is sitting on the Throne. This is the Christ we worship. This is the King. When you see Him as He is, you will have the same words as Hale. “My only regret is that I only have a life to give.” 

2- The Worship of the Heavenly Beings to the One on the Throne (v. 6b-8) – Now there is a shift from the One seated on the Throne to the ones who are worshiping. We are introduced to four creatures. Their song is, “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God Almighty! Who was and is and is to come.”  Praise is offered by the creatures for God’s holiness, omnipotence, and eternality.

3- The Worship of the Heavenly Council to the One on the Throne (v. 9-11) – You don’t get the kingdom of God without making Christ the King. The idea of praying to receive Christ to not go to hell isn’t the promise of scripture. One of the byproducts of praying to receive Christ is forgiveness of sin and salvation of hell. But salvation only comes when you make Christ the King of your life. The reality is that Christ reigns and He will be coming back again. When you see Him if you are in Christ, you will only wish that you could have given more in your life to make His name great.