1. God can Turn your Marks of Sin into Memorials of Grace
– It’s not a license to sin, or a reward for sin, but we often grow in grace when we are disciplined.
– Zechariah had nine months to reflect on God’s promise to him.
– Meditate on God’s Word in the midst of difficult times!

2. Jesus is our Horn of Salvation
– What does that mean? Not a horn that you blow.
– Psalm 92:9-10 gives us a picture of what it stood for: Weapon!
– There are only two instances of the phrase “horn of salvation” in the Old Testament and they are references to God, not man.
– God is his defense (his shield) and his offense (his deadly and powerful horn).
– He is a horn of salvation because he uses his power to secure and protect his people.

3. Our Role is to Point to Christ!
– While this message is called “The Other Christmas Baby”, you see that there isn’t much about him here. We find out his name, John, and his purpose…proclamation.
– Two big ways that we can point the lost people to Jesus this Christmas season.
– Share the message! Let your actions back up your words.
– Be generous!