Jesus is not telling us exactly what Heaven and Hell will look like but is contrasting the life a believer lives and the life an unbeliever lives on this earth while expressing the eternal consequences of both. The rich man lived the life of luxury on this earth while Lazarus struggled his whole life long. Lazarus lived his faith despite the suffering and abject poverty that was his life.  He loved God and did not complain. The rich, like the Pharisees, assumed he was blessed by God because he was rich. The rich man is not to be admired but pitied. He was not even given a name. The contrast is not just economic but spiritual. The point Jesus is making is “don’t put your hope in earthly things because Heaven is not based on your earthly status.”

In this parable, we also learn that:

– Hell is REAL

– Hell is PAINFUL 

– Hell is ETERNAL

– Hell is LONELY  

Hell is a real place for those who don’t repent and that lack of repentance is often seen in a lack of obedience. For the rich man was too late, but you still have time to repent of your sins and turn your eyes upon Christ. Take the first step today.