1. Our Response to Trials
A. We shouldn’t be surprised by trials
B. Since God is sovereign, we rejoice
1. Piper – “In great suffering on earth there is great support from heaven!”
C. We are sharing the sufferings of Christ
D. When we rejoice in trials, we show that we are future-focused!

2. We Suffer for Christ’s Sake, Not our Own
A. Peter actually says that there are right and wrong ways to suffer!
1. There is nothing noble about suffering for our own sinfulness
2. It brings glory to God when we suffer as a Christian

3. We Entrust Ourselves to God
A. The judgment Peter talks about in v. 17 isn’t punitive, but purifying
B. Entrust is a banking term – it means to deposit for safe keeping
1. We are valuable to God!
C. If God calls us to the fire, we will not walk alone!