What’s Really Stellar?

Psalm 19:1-14

1.  God’s Glory is Seen in His Creation

A.    The heavens are messengers that are declaring the glory of God!

B.     Glory means weight, or significance. The incredible vastness and beauty of God’s creation should weigh on us!

B1.    When is the last time you have gone outside, looked into space, and pondered how it all came to be?

2.   God’s Glory is Revealed in His Word

A.    David moves from general revelation to special revelation

A1.      General revelation is seen in things like creation

A2.      Special revelation is seen in God’s Word

B.     David says that God’s Word is more desirable than gold and sweeter than honey

B1.      Do we treasure God’s Word in the same way?

C.     Jesus is the logos, God’s Word. Every adjective given in these verses about the law apply to Him too!

3.  God’s Glory Changes Us!

A.    David’s response to creation and the Word of God is repentance!

A1.      When we compare our sinful lives to God’s perfection, we realize our need for a Savior!

B.     The revelation of God’s glory reveals our need for the gospel!

B1.      We are forever changed when we truly see the glory of God!