While the world is ever changing and volatile, God is never changing and stable, so refrain from worry and seek first His Kingdom. We can refrain from worry because:

1. There is more to life than material needs (v. 23) – Life is more than food and the body is more than clothing. Life is more than material needs, and it is more than just surviving. Jesus came to give you an abundant life.

2. We trust God to provide for our needs (v. 24) – Have faith that God knows what you need and ask Him to provide, then trust Him to do it the way eE sees fit. God created you, He called you, He saved you and He loves you. 

3. Worry is Ineffective (v. 25) – God knows you and He got you. Stop worrying, because it does not give anything good to you.

4. Seek God first and let Him worry about you (v. 31) – Trust God in life’s uncertainty, and do not let uncertainty cause you anxiety.  The only way this will happen is daily focus on him. It is that simple.