Tabernacle Baptist Church Profile

The Town of Ennis

Ennis is located 35 minutes south of Dallas and approximately 3 hours north of Houston on Interstate 45 .  You might consider Ennis to be rural, yet close enough to Dallas to have a metropolitan connection.  Waxahachie, the county seat, is located 15 minutes west on Highway 287.

Ennis has a very distinct personality and is well known for hosting two major events yearly.  The Blue Bonnet Festival, which has been an annual tradition that gives Ennis an opportunity to show off what the residents consider some of the best fields of blue bonnets in Texas.  The other event, the Polka Fest, which is a joint effort of the Polka Festival Committee, Chamber of Commerce, and the Ennis Convention & Visitors Bureau, has been a pride and joy of the Czech residents in Ennis since 1967.

The population in the Ennis area is about 30,300, with about 17,000 in the city limits area.  The population in Ennis and its surrounding areas has increased by 50.4% in the past 20 years and is projected to have a 12.6% increase over the next 5 years.  The lifestyle diversity in the area is extremely high.  The top individual segment is the established family representing 13.8 % of all households.  Based upon the total number of different groups present, the racial/ethnic diversity in the area is extremely high.  Among individual groups, Anglos represent 50.5% of the population and all other racial/ethnic groups make up a substantial 49.5% which is well above the national average of 35%.  The largest of these groups, Hispanics/Latinos, accounts for 37.3% of the total population.  Hispanics/Latinos are also projected to be the fastest growing group increasing by 26.9% over the next five years.

The largest age group in terms of numbers is Millennials (ages 9 to 28) comprised of 9,096 persons or 30% of the total population in the area.  This is compared to a national average of 27.5%.

Overall, the likely faith involvement level and preference for historic Christian religious affiliations is very high at 41.2  % when compared to the  national average of 35.4%.  There is a large population of Catholics and a large cultural group of Czechs.

A group called Bridge Builders, comprising of evangelical church pastors from all racial/ethnic groups in Ennis, have joined together to serve and evangelize the community.  Annual events to feed those in need and help families get their students prepared for the new school year have become major ministries to the families of Ennis.

 With an eye to the future and an appreciation of the past, Ennis is an exciting place to both live and work.  We offer the conveniences necessary for modern living in a setting that is reminiscent of days past.  Our focus on commercial growth and education has made us a sought-after destination for commerce and those wishing to make Ennis home.

 “Serving God and reaching Ennis with the Word”

Tabernacle’s Facility


Tabernacle  relocated from the downtown area of Ennis in 1962 to our present location at 1200 Country Club Road, which is a twenty acre tract of land in the middle of one Ennis’ most sought after family subdivisions.  Leaders of the church had a vision to move the church plant to its present location to allow for continued growth.  The main buildings houses the worship center and education space.  In 2002, the Family Life Center was built housing a gym and much needed education space.