Dr. Zach Crook

As we delve into Deuteronomy 6, Moses is instructing the Israelites on their journey into the Promised Land. Surprisingly, amidst the impending battles, Moses focuses not on military strategies, but on surrendering every aspect of their lives to worship God. This theme of wholehearted devotion resonates as we explore how to parent our children and raise our families and lives on the gospel, with Jesus as our cornerstone.

Struggles Christian Parents Face

A UK study shows that moms answer more than 300 questions in a day, mostly from their children. However, we must be aware that kids no longer rely solely on their parents for answers; they turn to AI platforms like ChatGPT and search engines like Google.

Gen Z, in particular, increasingly relies on ChatGPT for answers, surpassing Google’s artificial intelligence. This shift highlights the need for us as adults—not just moms—to be involved and invested in the lives of the next generation. We should aim to be their go-to source of guidance and knowledge, equipped to answer their questions with the hope we hold.

Moses’ Formula for Christian Parents

Be Honest with Your Kids

While it may seem overwhelming, Moses provides a concise outline for pointing others to the Lord. First, he emphasizes the importance of admitting our own vulnerability and need for rescue. We should be honest with the next generation, sharing our personal stories of how we were once enslaved to sin and how we required God’s saving grace. By doing so, we demonstrate humility and authenticity, encouraging them to embrace imperfection and acknowledge their own need for a Savior.

Model Trust in God for Your Kids

Furthermore, Moses reminds the Israelites of God’s role as their deliverer. He recalls the ten plagues in Egypt, each demonstrating God’s supremacy over the false gods worshiped by the Egyptians. Similarly, in our post-Christian culture, we must instill in the next generation the understanding that God is more powerful than any societal influences or idols. We can be confident in God’s omnipotence and His faithfulness to keep His promises, just as He led the Israelites to the Promised Land.

Teach Your Kids Why You Believe

As parents and mentors, we need to equip ourselves with the truth and reasons behind our faith. The next generation will continue to ask questions, and it’s crucial that we are intentional in sharing the truth and explaining why we believe what we believe. We must embody a faith that embraces imperfection and leans on God’s power and promises.

Next Steps for Christian Parents

Christian parenting is never easy. It requires strength, resilience, and flexibility. However, there is no better calling than training your children to know the Lord. In Deuteronomy 6, Moses urges us to admit our vulnerability, share the story of God’s deliverance, and emphasize His power and faithfulness. By doing so, we build a strong foundation for the next generation, preparing them to face the challenges of a post-Christian culture with a firm and unwavering faith. Let us be the ones they turn to, armed with the truth, as we guide them toward a deeper relationship with God.