Worship Team Auditions

What We Value

True worship is defined by the priority we place on who God is in our lives and where God is on our list of priorities.”

The Day Death Died Live

Honoring God

Our worship is a matter of the heart expressed through a lifestyle of holiness. We recognize that worship is not just music, but a state of the heart, and should be reflected in all areas of our services. We expect all members of our team to exhibit outstanding character as they will be held to higher standards.

A Family Atmosphere

Upon joining our Tabernacle Worship Team, you will become part of our community. Whether you serve as a musician, vocalist, or in media, you are welcomed in as a part of our family. We pray together, share our opinions, take meals to each other, encourage each other, etc. We do life together because we believe God has called to do so as followers of Christ.

Our Purpose

At Tabernacle, we want every aspect of our worship to be God centered and authentic. Our ministry is comprised of people who believe that God inhabits the praises of His people through music and other expressions of worship. Those who share their gifts are reminded that they are worship leaders, and that God is using them to bring His people to the foot of His throne. This offering of praise instrumentally and vocally should be focused totally on bringing honor and glory to God during our services.

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Join Us!

In order to become a member of our team, one must be a professing Christian and be a member of Tabernacle Baptist Church (or member in process). Their lifestyle should reflect the image of Christ at all times. If you feel lead to join one of the ministries below please start by contacting one of our leaders who’s emails can be found at the bottom of this page.

Life With You (Your Goodness) By Tabernacle Worship


To become a worship leader, you must go through our audition process. The first step is to submit an application to our Worship Associate, Brandy. Then, expect to have a one-on-one interview with her soon after. The audition will soon be scheduled. Our team will prepare two songs of which you are to sing melody and harmony. Also, be prepared to showcase your range via piano. If selected, you will be required to lead worship twice at The Bridge (Our Pre-Teen Service). After serving there, we will schedule you in our normal services.


If God has given you a gift to play a musical instrument, please consider joining our praise band. We strive for excellence, and excellence requires sacrifice. So, be mindful of the commitment you are making to join our team. To join, you will submit an application, interview one on one with either Brandon or Brandy, and audition using a song prepared by our team.

Life With You (Your Goodness) By Tabernacle Worship
Life With You (Your Goodness) By Tabernacle Worship


If you feel lead to join our media team, please reach out to our producer, Karen Hixson. There are many different places for you to serve within our media team that require no previous experience. For example, helping with our online presence, lighting cues, directing slides, camera movement, and so much more. There is no “audition” to serve on this part of our team, however, you will still be held to the same standards as the rest of our team!

Time Commitment

You must be faithfully committed in preparation for rehearsals and church worship times. This includes viewing lead sheets, listening to music on planning center, and practicing your instrument or vocal parts. You are expected to have your parts prepared by Wednesday night practices to help our time run more smoothly. We also ask that you arrive early enough to set up your equipment prior to our rehearsals.

Aside from our rehearsals and worship times, every member of our team will be expected to attend and serve at Tabernacle regularly. As a regular attender, you will commit to attending services at Tabernacle even when you are not singing/playing. You are to participate in other aspects of our church body life as you are able, and to submit to the leadership at Tab. We want your life outside of our team to reflect Christ and serve Him well.

What We Expect From You

Servant Attitude

You must develop and commit to developing and demonstrating a servant’s attitude and heart. Participating on the worship team is a privileged service to God and the church body. You are expected to strive to put others before yourself and assist wherever needed. Along with that, understand that there are plenty of venues in which musicians preform music, but this isn’t one of them. The sole purpose of participating on the team is to lead the church in worship and to honor God with our worship.

Planning Center

You will be expected to download and learn to use the Planning Center App. Here you can find, among other things, chord charts, worship songs / sets, and find out other details for the upcoming Sunday schedule. In addition, you will also be expected to respond weekly to the emailed request sent via Planning Center. This will also be a place where you can “block out” dates in advance.

Dress Code

At Tabernacle, we encourage the congregation to “come as you are”. Our style of clothing is casual. We try to focus on wearing clothing that does not distract from worship. Refrain from wearing shorts, skirts, dresses, or anything that is too revealing. Also, be aware of the colors you are wearing. We encourage you to wear dark or neutral colors while on stage. Wearing a bright color would not only be a distraction in service but is offsetting online.

Meet The Worship Pastor

Hello! My name is Brandon Hixson and I have been the Worship Pastor at Tabernacle Church since January 2013! My wife Karen and I met in college and were married in the summer of 2000. We have two children – Caleb and Caylin!

God has done some amazing things with our Worship team at Tabernacle, and I am super excited to see where He leads us in the future! If you are interested in joining our team, please send me an email.

I look forward to visiting with you soon!

Contact Us

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Brandon Hixson
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Brandy Gradberg
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Karen Hixson
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